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Locations Coffee Shop

coffee store

Recommended Locations for Running a Coffee Shop

coffee shop

Have you ever had a dream of running a typical coffee shop in town? Well it can be very imaginative and easy to dream of this kind of stuffs. However, starting up even just an ordinary coffee shop can take so much effort, time, and money. It is often time believed that anything does not matter, but what matters is getting successful and running your coffee shop smoothly. Setting your coffee shop in a right location is also one of the factors contributing to the success in the future. Below are some good locations that you can take a look for running a coffee shop.

Nearby schools/university


Running a coffee shop in front of or nearby the schools or university can attract many customers. There would be many students, teachers, or lecturers come by. For example, students may need to meet up with their friends or school works or discussion. For busy students or lecturers, they can also choose to have lunch nearby their workplaces or school to save time for other jobs. Moreover, if your coffee shop is decorated nicely and the food served with low price or reasonable price, it can attract many people to visit your store even more.

Inside shopping mall

inside mall

It could also be a good destination if you can start running a coffee shop inside any shopping mall. Normally, shopping malls are the place where people go for eating, shopping, or window shopping. Some people may go to the shopping mall just for eating, drinking coffee, or relaxing. Meanwhile, some people that go shopping and get tired can also go and visit your coffee shop for a short break to regain the energy back. Thus, it could provide a high chance of getting more and more customers.

Around business destination

donut store

Running a coffee shop anywhere around business destination could also help your shop crowded with many customers. The lifestyle of business people is often at the coffee shop and their workplace. Sometimes, they can spend their time meeting many clients at the coffee shop that are next to their workplace. Moreover, they may also like to spend their alone time after work with a cup of coffee or so.