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What to Write on Your Blog about Restaurants in Phnom Penh


What to Write on Your Blog about Restaurants in Phnom Penh

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Starting the blogging has become one of the popular hobbies or jobs in modern world. There are many things that people can write about these days. In Western society, people normally write about various kinds of things ranking from academic subjects, hobbies, and comedies. In Cambodia, this kind of work or habit should become a part of everyone's daily life as well. There are also tons of things to write about over here. However, what should be noticed is a growing number of the restaurants in Phnom Penh. Therefore, this article is going to give you some clues on the things that you can start writing about restaurants in Phnom Penh on your blog



It is sure that the first thing that would come into your mind when you first hear the word restaurant is food. Then why doesn't everyone start thinking about writing about food review of any restaurants in phnom Penh? While there are many new restaurants emerging in town, as a blogger, one should go and explore new foods or menus of those restaurants and write about it. For some reasons, this kind of work can be very beneficial for a blogger in the future.

Special Promotion

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As known that people like discount and free stuffs. On the other word, they like promotion. Therefore, it can also be a great opportunity for any bloggers to start writing about the promotion of any restaurants in Phnom Penh. It somehow sounds similar to doing online marketing which is not a waste of time and can be very useful for future aspect of job.

Decoration ideas

When it comes to restaurants in Phnom Penh, it does not always mean that you can only write about food review, promotion, and advertisement. You can also take advantages of those restaurants just to update your blog about decoration ideas of restaurants in Phnom Penh. For some people, they probably go and check out some new restaurants, take pictures of both indoor and outdoor decoration of those restaurants and post them to their blogs. This way, they can also gain more views, likes, and shares and may be appreciated by the owners of the restaurants as well.

Anywhere that has a little number of coffee shop

You may also prefer anywhere that has a little number of coffee shops to start running a coffee shop for yourselves as well. By this, it means that you may not need to challenge with other shops since you may be the only shop located in that area. Moreover, if you can decorate your restaurant well, many people would go in and check there.

Locations Coffee Shop

coffee store

Setting your coffee shop in a right location is also one of the factors contributing to the success in the future. Below are some good locations


Why Obsessed With Coffee


This article is going to  address some interesting reasons why people are obsessed with drinking coffee.